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#Streamline #Rationalise #Adapt!

Over the next few weeks our top three business activities for my Property investment arm is to focus on the following:-

1. Streamlining:
HMOs are very profitable but also very costly to run. Maintain, cleaning, Wear & tear is where your bottom line can be compromised.
We will be looking to find these & ensure we are over not over spending, & incurring unnecessary costs.

2. Rationalize:
We will look at selling possible one of the leasehold properties in the portfolio & re-invest in another freehold property for HMO conversion.

3. Adapting:
We have recently incorporated our portfolio so will be looking at how to approach banks & funding institutions as a corporate entity (not an amateur anymore!) with a view to maximize our ability to co-fund development & commercial deals.

– What are your TOP 3 Focus points in your Property Investment business? Writing them down gives your clarity of thought & guides your ideas & actions.
Come & Meet other active investors & share what others are focusing on.

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Looking forward to seeing you then.

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