#Goals #Plan #affirmations!

#Goals #Plan #affirmations!

Firstly a very Happy New year to you & your family. Hope you feel rested & refreshed from the break over Christmas.

The J6 Property Team & the Chopra Property Group wish you all the success & happiness in 2018.

To help you keep the FOCUS & to achieve your views in 2018 here are my top 3 tips:-


Please write down your career, personal & family goals on the office wall. They will help YOU channel my efforts, energy & actions. Always write your goals as though you have already achieved it.


I always PLAN my daily tasks & activities giving priority to the top 3 that I MUST get done.


Start to picture in your mind’s eye that you have achieved the goals. Do this 5-minute exercise as part of your routine every day. You must also be able to FEEL the emotion of having fulfilled the goal.

I thought it might help you if I share my TOP 5 career goals in 2018.

  1. I have managed the Westcote House building contractor to complete the build on time & within budget.
  2. I have SOLD all eight apartments in Westcote House off-plan by June 2018 achieving a GDV of £2550,000.
  3. Chopra Property Group has secured two new development deals in 2018 with GDV between £3M & £5M.
  4. Manni has raised £1 Million investment funding in 2018 from private, pension & passive (PPP) investors for new development projects.
  5. Chopra Property Group has acquired a new commercial property in 2018, (shop with uppers) & rented for £3k a month NET.


Hope you found this exercise useful.
Please save the date; Tuesday 9th January 2018 for the next J6 Property Meet.

Details to follow.

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