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Celebrating nine years in Property!

I am feeling grateful for having successfully reached the nine-year milestone in Property!
It has been a roller coaster ride with its fair share of challenges and successes but overall it doesn’t feel like work
A big learning is that we tend to overestimate what we can achieve in a short time (days & weeks) and underestimate what we can achieve in a much longer time (nine years!).

In a nutshell, Chopra Property Group has been successfully incorporated and we have managed to maintain healthy cash flow from our portfolio of HMOs and BTL apartments. In the last three years, we have moved out of our comfort zone and focused on new build projects.

Recent successes!

1. Completed the build of eight apartments in Reading, Berkshire which are now on a blended model of rentals and service accommodation.
2. We are ahead of schedule on our Watford new build project for 4×1-bed apartments centrally located, walking distance from INTU mall.

3. Recently got planning permission to build an additional dwelling in Bracknell.

Looking forward!

This is an exciting time for us as we are launching ‘Mastermind with Manni 2020’.

This is a unique opportunity for TEN Property Developers based in the UK to come together to create something on a BIGGER scale, with better access to resources and knowledge from the combined experiences, learnings and insights from other Masterminds in the team!

More importantly, this is NOT lecture-based but focussed on taking ACTION and doing DEALS together as a TEAM!

Please contact Manni via email manni@mannichopra.com to find out more.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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